Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Debate: Is “5 Mics” In The Source Still Relevant? (Video)

The Internet has changed the Music Industry forever.
Since fans and critics can access the music at the same time,
does this make “album reviews” redundant?
Where does this leave
The Source Magazines
classic album rating system “5 Mics”?
How should it evolve?


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Utah & Ether X Sekt Cap Adapters

Sekt cap adapter probably is one of the smartest inventions for Asia
graffiti writers in recent years.
For those who may not know, the local
cans from Asia are mostly male valve cans.
There were very limited cap choices
back then when graffiti was getting started.
Of course now the Asia writers
have more options like
MTN, Belton, Ironlak, Montana gold, and many more
other brands that makes you doubt
if there is such a big market in Asia?
Anyway, if you want to use the local cans
which cost cheaper (the quality too),
Sekt would be helpful as it is a cap adapter
which allows you to switch the cap system
of male valve cans
- turn it to female, like the ladyboy from Thailand.
So next,
plug any cap you want and you know how it works.
The following video
shows you the couple in crime testing out Sekt in Bangkok.

Buy the caps here;

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