Wednesday, October 23, 2013

FatCap#19 The end of our road; In stores now!

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Is this the final issue of Fat Cap?

Fat Cap magazine is proud to present the second issue (96 pages) of 2013. It's been way over ten years since the last time we dropped two issues in one year. We hope you enjoyed the tracksides issue we dropped in May. In issue #19 we take it back to a mix with all kind of walls from the cities and artists we have followed and supported since 1989, plus some fresh new faces that is breaking new ground in the culture. In 2014 we drop the Fat Cap book, as an anniversary issue #20. We hope you'll enjoy it!

FATCAP #19 Featuring:

-Scandinavia; Denmark,Sweden & Norway
(Bates, Great, Side, Soten, Tiws, Jem, Side, Sabe, Puppet, Zappo, Skil, Kaos, Kazy, Ridder, Raes, Meter, Achoe, Goal, Woble, Kid, Loze, Poker, Duck, Jame and more...)
-Atome TFP interview
-Sofles DTS TMD
-Pay2 COD
-Eksm OSV
-Stay KD Travel report
-New York (Wane, Wen, T-Kid, Part1, Chino, Ces, Yes2, Vins, Bio, Cope2 and more...)
-Slaughterhouse interview
-BraskArt visits Dero TFA's studio

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fat Cap #19 Is this the final issue of Fat Cap?

Coming in the end of October 2013.

-Scandinavia; Denmark,Sweden & Norway
-Atome TFP interview
-Sofles DTS TMD
-Pay2 COD
-Eksm OSV
-Stay KD Travel report
-New York
-Slaughterhouse interview
-BraskArt visits Dero TFA's studio

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Friday, September 6, 2013

What´s your paint? did a quiet interesting and simple test with eight different spray paint brands. The test shows that price isn´t everything you should consider when you choose what brand to use for your pieces. Unfortunately they didn´t include the very popluar Montana BLACK, Montana GOLD Ironlak or KOBRA but hopefully future tests by or someone else will include all brands. The test was made using 400ml cans with a pink dot fatcap on a white wall.
Here is the final rankning:
1. Belton MOLTOW Premium,
2. Belton MOLOTOW High-Pressure,
3. Blue FLAME,
4. MTN 94,
5. Flame (Old quality),
6. MTN Hardcore 2,
7. Supertramp,
8. Clash.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rakim sketch by Reas AOK

‘If your going to make fan art it might as well be for Rakim’ – Reas

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fat Cap Tracksides issue in stores now (promo part 1)

FatCap #18
In stores now

-International Tracksides (Oslo, New York, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Basel and more... )
-Magnificent Ruffians interview
-BraskArt visits Dmote's studio
-About the Norwegian battlerap scene "Skeez TV"

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-Oslo Farge & Tusj
Trondheimsveien 110, 0565 Oslo.

-Scrap Yard
300 W Broadway (between Canal St & Grand St) 
New York, NY 10013

-Tuff City Styles (Bronx)
650 E Fordham Rd
Bronx, NY 10458

-Tuff City Styles (Manhattan)
17 Essex St (between Hester St & Canal St) 
New York, NY 10002

-All The Right
has a New location;
91-30 Corona Ave (on the corner of 92 street & Corona ave) by Newtown High School


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Graff Wars in stores now (promo week 18)

Days One 2013 Click image to enlarge

Raped and abused innocent children VS colors on buildings and trains

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Bates Hall Of Fame > Malmø,Sweden

For more than ten years, Danish style-master BATES has spent thousands of hours secretly building up his own private hall of fame at a sand factory in Malmö, Sweden. In this edition of Ironlak Films BATES discusses the thought-process behind the self-initiated project and shows off the collection of artwork. Shot/Interview: Luke Shirlaw. Cut: Selina Miles. Music: Pimp Lotion - 'Lotion 17'. Fred Wesley & The JB's - 'Blow Your Head'. Sebastien Tellier - 'La Ritournelle & L'Amour et la Violence (Chansons du 5ème étage)' VIA Bates 12oz Prophet blog

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Tim Dog tribute by Casiks (Stockolm 2013)

Although I "hated" Tim Dog for dissing some of my favorite artists, I must admit that I "loved" Tim Dog's Penicillin on Wax album. >>>>>>>>> Tim Dog tribute by CASIKS (Stockolm > Sweden 2013) >>>>>>>>>>>>> Click images to enlarge. Related link; Keyboard Money Mike Recalls Touring LA With Tim Dog
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