Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shorty B (Dangerous Crew) Preps New Book

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Get ready to enter the life and times of
Dangerous Crew multi-platinum producer Stuart “Shorty B” Jordan,
in his new book “The Truth B Told”.
Most notably known for his extensive production
work with Too $hort and the Dangerous Crew,
Shorty B has a multi-platinum track record spanning
25-plus years and over 85 million records sold.
With a production list featuring some
of the industry’s most celebrated artists including
-Too Short
-Digital Underground
-Rappin’ 4-Tay
-Earth,Wind & Fire
-MC Breed
-George Clinton
-Ant Banks
-Erick Sermon
.....and several others,
Shorty B has been behind
more than a few of your favorite hits.

Now, the multi-platinum producer prepares
his next addition to the game in the form of a book,
giving you an inside look to Shorty B’s journey of
108 albums: 23 platinum, 4 gold and 2 diamond certified albums.
“The Truth B Told” brings you closer
the celebrities and icons from yesterday and today
with stories ranging from hanging with
2Pac the day before he was shot 5 times in New York:

“I was living in downtown Atlanta
in a building called the Scandinavian House.
My phone started to ring, and when I answered it,
it was 2pac saying he was down stairs.
He knew that he could chill at my place undisturbed.
It was him and a few of the little homies.
We were chilling and smoking weed,
and his phone kept ringing off the hook.
It was some people calling from Quad Studios
asking how much he wanted to do a verse
on a song for this rapper named Little Shawn.
‘Pac said he wanted about $7700 – $7800.
His phone kept ringing and they wanted
to know what time ‘Pac was coming.
‘Pac stayed at my crib the rest of
the night and most of the next day.
That following evening,
he went to the airport and boarded
a flight to New York, where he was later shot 5 times.”

to the
Suge Knight, Jake Robles, Puff Daddy incident:

“One night I was walking out of a club
in Atlanta and a white limo pulled up in front of me.
I noticed that it was Suge Knight.
I introduced myself, and he already knew who I was.
I told him my contract was over with [Too] Short,
and that I was looking for work.
I told him ‘Pac and I were close like family.
That’s when Suge introduced me to Jake Robles
and two female friends who were with them.
I gave the female that I was with my keys
and pointed to my car, which was a burgundy Benz.
Suge then asked if that was my car, and I said yes.
Suge told me he liked my style and told
Jake to give all the numbers he had to me.
I was aware that they were coming from
a party at Jermaine Dupri’s house.
Before I concluded my conversation with Suge,
I told him that Puff Daddy and a bunch
of his homies were in the club and that he should be careful.
I walked to my car, and pulled it over across the street,
directly in front of the club.
Just then, another Benz pulls up behind me and
it’s my homeboys Bobby & Keith from the bay area.
Soon after, I see people back-peddling
out of the club entrance, arguing.
I notice that it’s Suge & Jake
being surrounded by Puff’s people.
I see a guy in a light blue,
aqua green sports jacket and white pants,
a guy named Anthony “Wolf” Jones
who later gets killed outside of
club Chaos a few years later in Atlanta.
Wolf pulls out a chrome pistol and starts
shooting into Suge & Jake’s direction.
I’m actually standing inside my car door area
when I hear, “BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!”.
I duck, and look back over my shoulder
and see that this other guy is shooting into the crowd,
and then he takes off running.
I jump behind the wheel and take off at top speed.
10 minutes later I drive back by the club
and I see the paramedics putting Jake in an ambulance.
He received 4 gunshots to the stomach and torso.
He died 4 days later.”

Without a doubt, this will be a must read book!
You think you know,
but you have no idea until you heard the truth that B told.


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