Wednesday, October 20, 2010

JVC FORCE - Livin' In C.I. (1988-1993)

What do Public Enemy, EPMD and Rakim have in common?
Apart from being three of the greatest acts in Hip Hop history,
they all originate from New York's Long Island.
Also hailing from Central Islip, L.I.;
The Almighty JVC FORCE, stepped on the Hip Hop scene in the late 80's.
They quickly signed to B-Boy records on the strength of its
Boogie Down Productions affiliation,
but after Scott La Rock was murdered, JVC was left without the support system they needed.

Rappers B-Luv, AJ Rock and DJ Curt Cazal
hould be remembered today with their hometown contemporaries
as pioneers and innovators of the Golden Age of Hip Hop.
23 years later, the beats they made remain creative and fresh,
Cazal's scratches sound fresher than ever and
those slow flow brag rhymes ooze with finesse.
In short; this is my kind of Hip Hop.

It's funny how I decided to put this mix together,
It started when I randomly found the second
JVC album 'Force Field' (released through another ill-fated label; Idlers).
This same week my man Aitchski from the X-Squad
hit me off with a bunch of B-Boy records rarities.
A couple days later I noticed AJ Rock,
putting up youtube videos of old JVC radio promo's.

It had to be, even just for myself,
I wanted to hear a full remastered JVC FORCE anthology.
Feel free to grab this up and please show the fellas some love over at

>Free Download
JVC FORCE - Livin' In C.I. (1988-1993) (mixtape)


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