Saturday, March 12, 2011

Art in Streets

Curated by Jeffrey Deitch, Roger Gastman and Aaron Rose,
the first major museum exhibition on
the history of graffiti and street art,
Art in the Streets, opens at MOCA next month.
These Delight
had the opportunity to work on the accompanying book
which traces the birth and dissemination of styles
through the stories of graffiti writers
and street artists all over the world,
and features interviews and discussions
with influential street artists.

These Delight was there for a few of the monumental
discussions in this book,
including the one on cholo graffiti,
for which Cheech Marin interviewed
Chaz Bojorquez, Estevan Oriol and Gusmano Cesaretti
(who fed Roger’s dog strawberries under the table).
These Delight also attended the one on Wild Style,
a discussion between Jeffrey Deitch, Carlo McCormick,
Fab Five Freddy, Lee, Charlie Ahearn and Patti Astor.
The discussion took place at Deitch’s home,
and during the lunch break, Lee swam in the pool
and These Delight dipped my feet in as we
discussed some of our experiences growing up.

In addition, These Delight wrote the
intro for the Los Angeles graffiti chapter,
“From Yards to Heavens,” for which Roger
and These Delight interviewed
graffiti legends Eklips, Prime, Risk,
Slick, Soon and Wisk.

Pre-order it here.

These Delight

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