Sunday, December 30, 2012

WingCap (Adaptor Cap) Test & Female Cap Test

............MALE CAPS........... NY Fat Rusto Fat Ironlak Stock Red Astro Grey Dot Black Dot Gold Dot German Outline #1 Pink Dot AP Micro Blue Dot Beast Fat Astro Fat Montana Level 6 Montana level 5 Fresh Paint Stock Ironlak Outline Cyclone Cap Montana Super Skinny ..........FEMALE CAPS....... Softie Fat Touch Cap Cruiser Cap Precise Cap EZ Rider Cap AP Female Fat Cap Finally, it’s here! The WingCap lets you use your favorite caps on your local hardware paint brands, like Rustoleum, American Accent and Painters Touch. This adaptor cap is for use on cans with a “male” valve system, Easy on the fingers with the Wings, reusable many times, this is a must have tool for all writers. Related post; Utah & Ether X Sekt Cap Adapters

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