Sunday, February 21, 2010

Style Wars Outtakes

If you want to get a crash course in Hip Hop history there are a couple of key films you need to watch… Style Wars is one of them.
The documentary, which covered the four elements of Hip Hop, was first aired way back in 1983 on PBS.
According to the film producers there was more than 29 hours of additional footage that never made the cut.
So for the upcoming Blu ray release the filmmakers are going back to the vaults and cutting the additional never-before-seen footage.
Check out some of it from these videos;

Seen UA

Dondi CIA

NYC Vandal Squad & Shy 147 ROC stars

De5,Kase2 TFP & Dez TFA aka DJ KaySlay

Rock Steady Crew

Assorted Style Wars out takes

^Carl Weston shot the footage of the screen of the flatbed editor so the audio/video quality is very low^

Video Graf Productions

Smoov-E is the fondler
Style Wars The Original Soundtrack
Blast from the past part 5; Malcolm McLaren´s (R.I.P) Buffalo Gals

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