Saturday, February 6, 2010

Zappo VS Delta

-Zappo VS Delta part 1: Clash Of The Gods
Interview with Zappo, October 2009 published in Fat Cap#17

Fat Cap;
So what's the story behind those God piece's you and Delta has done?

Caster showed me a magazine with Delta's God piece.
My immediate reaction was that it´s blasphemy,
and took offense that he painted a sacrilegiously piece about God.
No matter if you're a believer or not , there's some things you got to respect.

^God by Delta INC TFP ^

A litte later I painted a similar piece as Delta, but with my style.
Some took it as a battle or what not, but for me it was to show that I took offense.

^God by Zappo^

Fat Cap;
So it's about respect?

You got to respect other peoples believes , no matter if you're a believer or not.

-Zappo VS Delta part 2: Don't bite the phunk!

Fat Cap;
I recently saw that you painted at the same spot as Delta in Oslo.
In a similar style that Delta usually does,what's the story behind that?

^ Zappo, Oslo 2009 ^

^Delta INC TFP , Oslo 2007 ^

Well , the sketch I did I did on that wall I had done back in 86, so that's my style, not his to claim.

^The sketch from 86 , that was featured in Underground Productions #8^

Fat Cap;
You sure Delta knows that you rocked that style before him?

Yes , it's published in Underground Productions #8 and it's all over the web.
it's out there.
I even got props for it when I was in Amsterdam back in 93, so Delta knows for sure.

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Fat Cap #17

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