Friday, June 18, 2010

Hate it or love it?

That´s the big question right now as a recent leak of
a unfinished Detox track has hit the net.
Under Pressure features a noticeable
sample of Kraftwerk's “Trans Euro Express”.
Will Detox be on some Electro shit?
Only time will tell,but it shouldn't be no surprise
that Dr. Dre was/is a Electro funk head.
After all he produced jams like...
-Monster Rappin (1985)
-Mission Possible (1986)
-World Class Freak (1986)
-The Fly (1986)
-House Calls (1987).
-Surgery (dJ dAb Overdub) 1984 Live Performance

...back in the 80´s and in a recent interview with
Washington Post Dr. Dre spoke on his love for Electro;

Who is your favorite artist at the moment?
What is playing on your iPod?

“I don’t actually have a favorite right now.
I’ve been listening to a lot of old 60s and 70s music.
Things like Kraftwerk, and Parliament Funkadelic.
I’ve really been listening to a lot of Kraftwerk.”

1970s German electronica?
That might surprise people.

“Kraftwerk had a really big inspiration on the beginning of Hip Hop.
My tastes change with the season.
Right now it’s Kraftwerk.
I’ll see what happens this summer.”

For now here´s a tag free leak of
Under Pressure (Dr. Dre ft. Jay-Z) NO tags,NO hook (yet)

Crooked I of Slaughterhouse freestyle over Dr. Dre´s "Under Pressure" beat

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