Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sabe: Free Your Spirit (From Here to Fame Publishing) by Amber Gruenhaeuser

Amazon let loose the cover and title of one of the next OTR books.
Also look out for the “Ghost: Rocking in Style” OTR book.

Advocator of “Free Your Spirit”
Danish graffiti maestro Sabe is a true master of styles
that flexes on all levels whether it’s with
his advanced mechanical letter compositions,
new-wave bubble styles, photo-realistic portraits,
cartoon characters, or just plain bombing.
He is known to mix up these styles to suit the occasion and his mood.
Never one to be called a slacker he has an
unparalleled enthusiasm for the craft along with
a work ethic and execution rate of an army of crews.
With a career spanning over twenty-five years
Sabe remains active, prolific and influential.


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Flicks stolen from

Sabe (FYS COD RIS) 12oz Prophet thread


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