Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brotha Lynch Hung; Dinner and a movie

Dinner and a Movie is the fifth studio album by rapper Brotha Lynch Hung.
It was released on March 23, 2010 through Strange Music.


The album was inspired by horror directors such as Rob Zombie and Wes Craven.
Three music videos were released from the album;


"I Plotted (My Next Murder)

and "Colostomy Bag" were made into videos.


Dinner and a Movie is the first album
in a trilogy of conceptual albums,
intendedly preceding Tha Coathanga Strangla and Mann-A-Bal Lector.
The fictional main character is the known as the 'Coat Hanga Strangla',
a normal everyday man who transforms into
a serial killer at night murdering rappers.
It begins in an interrogation room,
where the Coat Hanga Strangla is promising to confess to his crimes.
The skits throughout the album tell of how
the local police department are desperately
trying to put a stop to the murders.

Commercial Performance

The album debuted on the Billboard 200 chart at number 69
in its first week of release, selling 7,900 copies.
It is his best debut on the charts since his 1997 album Loaded.
Dinner and a Movie sold 3,100 copies in its second week of sales,
bringing total sales to 11,000 copies.

According to an interview with Travis O’Guin,
the album was under-shipped by retailers.
Strange Music had planned to ship 35,000 - 40,000 copies,
but only 12,120 units were shipped due
to difficulties with their distributor, Universal Fontana.

Critical reception

Dinner and a Movie has received
positive reviews from music critics.
David Jeffries of Allmusic remarked that Brotha Lynch Hung is
"not only on top of his game on this 2010 effort,
but he’s also found a perfect match when it comes to labels."
Jeffries also praised the plot, mentioning that the story
"goes from gross to scary to sympathetic and personal,
and then back again, all without losing a step or trying your patience."

HipHopDX also gave the album a positive review, saying that its
"honesty and delivery that mixes with the Horror
make this album both a brilliant comeback story, and a career milestone."

iHipHop affirmed this, describing Dinner and a Movie as
"one of the best albums of 2010 thus far,
and is easily the most polished effort in Brother Lynch Hung's catalogue."

All three reviewers gave the album four stars out of five.



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