Sunday, February 27, 2011

Graffiti Alphabets: Street Fonts from Around the World (book)

Product Description
Claudia Walde spent over two years collecting
alphabets by 154 artists from 30 countries.
Each artist received the same brief:
to design all 26 letters of the Latin alphabet
within the limits of a single page of the book.
The result is a unique typographical
source book featuring over 150 specially designed,
original alphabets exclusive to this book.

About the Author
Claudia Walde, aka MadC,
is a German graffiti artist,
designer, and writer.
She is the author of
Sticker City and Graffiti Alphabets.

^Scien & Klor of 123 Klan^

Can Two of SUK

Kent TNB

Smash GTK


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