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The History of American Graffiti (book)

The History of American Graffiti
Roger Gastman (Author), Caleb Neelon (Author)
This title will be released on April 5, 2011.
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Product Description

Unprecedented in scope,
The History of American Graffiti
is the definitive story behind the most
influential art form of the last one hundred years.
Tracing the evolution of the medium from
its early freight-train days to its big-city boom
on the streets of New York City and Philadelphia,
and to its modern-day influences,
this volume is a compelling look at
the key moments, places, and players
in an art form distinctly American
in flavor yet global in its reach.

Featuring behind-the-scenes stories
and profiles gleaned from more than
four years' worth of interviews with
graffiti's most prominent names,
as well as its lesser-known pioneers,
authors Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon
provide an insider's perspective
on the history of the medium.
Not only do they reveal the most popular
trends and styles that have dominated
the scene for the last fifty years
but they also provide a thorough examination
of the regional differences among major
American hubs—New York, Los Angeles,
the Bay Area, Chicago—and under-the-radar
scenes in cities like
Washington, D.C.,Boston, and Miami.
All told, more than twenty-five American cities
are profiled, making this one of the most
comprehensive volumes on the subject.

With more than one thousand
photographs—the majority of which are
seen here for the first time—from more
than two hundred photographers,
most of whom also created the artwork,
The History of American Graffiti captures
the look and feel of a genuine American art
form with exceptional clarity and detail.
An instant classic, this book is the ultimate
resource to which aficionados of the art form
will turn again and again,
and which the uninitiated will regard as the
definitive tutorial of all that is graffiti.

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