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Blast from the past part 3; Ice T & Chris "The Glove" Taylor in Breakin' 'n' Enterin'

Chris "The Glove" Taylor
was one of the DJ pioneers on the West Coast.
Ice T first appearances on wax were on his records
"Reckless" (from "Breakin'")

and ^"Tibetan Jam" both in 1983^
He was later signed to Electrobeat Records.
During this period, he was also in a crew called
The Radio Crew before he became a solo artist.

^The Radio Crew consisted of
Ice T, Super AJ, Chris "The Glove" Taylor and The Egyptian Lover.^
They put out one EP for the documentary "Breaking And Entering".

^His most famous record is "The Itchiban Scratch"^
in 1985 which is an instrumental that samples young children singing
"The Grand of Duke Of York" around a Japanese style theme.

^He also made a records with Victor Flores
who currently is chief engineer at ATM Studios,
called "Breakmixer 1 + 2" and appeared on the famous
Motown Hip Hop record "Scratch Break" by the Motor City crew.^

Signing to Eazy-E's Ruthless Records in 1990,
as part of a rap trio called Po' Broke & Lonely?
but would go on to sue the label a few years later,
putting a halt to their recording career
while the courts handled the situation.
It started when Eazy and Dr. Dre first met the group,
consisting of rappers
Chris "The Glove" Taylor, Michael Lynn, and Ruben Cruz.
Their laid-back R&B appealed to Eazy,
and so they signed to Ruthless within the year.
Their debut was guided by Dre and Eazy,
who helped the group pull together several tight beats.
When N.W.A. started to fall apart and accusations
of missing money started flying between their two mentors,
the group sought to leave the label
before they were caught up in the situation.
Eazy wouldn't let them out of their contract,
creating a tension between Ruthless
and the group while they tried to put together a follow-up.
In 1992, Taylor helped Dre put together The Chronic,
a landmark rap album that had enough anti-Ruthless sentiment
to effectively destroy any negotiations between
Eazy and Po' Broke & Lonely?
The group grew frustrated with their situation,
and by 1994 they had brought the matter to the courts.
Before much could be decided,
Eazy died of AIDS
and the group was dropped from the Ruthless roster.
They signed to Arista and attempted
to restart their career in 1995 with Forbidden Vibe,
but after a four-and-a-half year absence from the music scene,
the group was all but forgotten by the fast-moving Hip Hop crowd.
Quietly dissolving a year later,
both Cruz and Taylor
would become regular collaborators with Dre in the following years,
working on Aftermath albums like
Dr. Dre Presents the Aftermath and The Firm's album

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