Monday, March 15, 2010

Blast from the past part 4; QD3 in Stockholms Natt

While in his early teens, Jones discovered breaking.
Jones is regarded as one of the pioneers of the Swedish Hip Hop scene.
He took the pseudonym Snoopy and together with Karl Dyall
he had a hit with the rap song "Next Time" in 1986.
The song was taken from the soundtrack
of the cult movie Stockholmsnatt
in which Jones played the one of the lead characters.
By the age of 16, he had earned his first gold record.

At the age of seventeen, Jones decided to relocate to the United States.
There, he briefly attended his father's alma mater,
the Berklee College of Music, where he met Roland Garrett.
However, as the school did not offer what
Jones was looking for musically, he dropped out.
He moved to The Bronx,
where he lived with his friend T La Rock.
Jones practiced and perfected his craft at
Power Play Studios with future Hip hop legends
like Rakim and KRS-One.

^QD3/Quincy singing,rapping,dancing^
Disey and Ziggy did the graffiti backdrop.


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