Friday, March 12, 2010

Concrete Criminalz (RBX & Bigg Rocc); Concrete Criminal Gang

Two legendary emcees have been pounding the pavement of
California's Hip Hop community for years.
Two direct disciples of N.W.A.'s reign,
RBX and Bigg Rocc are Concrete Criminalz.

Dating back to the early '90s,
Bigg Rocc and RBX were simultaneously building
their careers in the respective neighboring cities of
Compton and Long Beach, landmarks in the concrete jungle
that musically and culturally laid
the foundation for West Coast Gangster Rap.
Bigg Rocc has been dubbed Compton’s Best Kept Secret,
while RBX, appropriately called The Narrator,
earned his moniker due to his vivid vocal tone
and imaginative arsenal of rhymes.
These forces has joined as the Concrete Criminalz,
to release their debut album, Concrete Criminal Gang.
As individuals they played the game and paid dues,
but like their first single,
Concrete Criminalz collectively will "Murder the Game"…

Bigg Rocc started his Rap career in 1989
appearing in countless videos by N.W.A. and Eazy E.
Emerging as a promising protégé from the Ruthless Records roster,
he is featured on all of MC Ren’s solo albums as well as
acclaimed releases from Above the Law, and Tray Deee.
RBX has been prominently featured
on perhaps three of Rap's biggest albums,
The Chronic,
Doggystyle and
The Marshall Mathers LP.
RBX and Bigg Rocc are not only recognized
for their noteworthy performances,
they are also prolific writers amazing stockpiles
of songs in their lyrical repertoire.
They have reputations for writing dozens of songs
for one project and successively writing
a dozen more for another project.
Bigg Rocc co-wrote Who Wanna Be the Villain with MC Ren
for the Original Gangstas Soundtrack.
RBX won a Grammy in 1993 for co-writing Dr. Dre’s, Let Me Ride.
They both have worked with some of the
greatest talents in Hip Hop history.
Bigg Rocc completed 3 world tours with acts such as
Bone Thugs n Harmony, SWV and Keith Sweat.
He has worked with MC Eiht and Compton’s Most Wanted,
WC, Eastsidaz and Kokane just to name a few.
RBX has worked with everyone from Korn to B-Real,
Dilated Peoples to Warren G., KRS-One to Nas.
In fact, it was while collaborating on a song with
Daddy V that this union was formed…

Kokane, Goldie Loc, Tha Chill, Yung Droop and Big Sloan

Beats by;
Chris Gunnz, MC Ren,Tha Chill,Goldie Loc, Solid Productions and Snoop Dogg

Available on; and itunes worldwide.

Previews on youtube;
Concrete Criminalz; Murder The Game (ft. Goldie Loc & Big Sloan)


Concrete Criminalz; Concrete Criminalz

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