Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Writers Corner Berlin review of Graff Wars

"Remember you have to what you previously learned"

Yes, now is again time to unpack the Star Wars items,
because who would have thought that Darth Vader is Luke's father
and that one day get a book from
the depths of the universe to us,
that the phenomenon of "Star Wars" takes.
In any case, had at
Graff Wars - Graffiti inspired by the Star Wars Universe,
neither the Dark Lord, even the good
George Lucas with his power in the game.

The call is vorausgesetzt this book already
and as the title says it all really well,
we save the many words of explanation.
Rather, there is first a list of those who Eisley
stuck are Mos and bulky book your
Star Wars afterburner have activated this in:
Pay2, Cope2, El Mac, Kosem, Moetrix, AenYou,
Soten, slider, Omsk167, Loomit, Score, Wane ,
Goal, Great, Bates, Mr. Flash, Thek, Fok,
3Steps, Smug, and of course Kacao77.
This list is just a small sample,
because this project was to enumerate all
the world and is beyond the frame,
as it did with the Death Star Alderaan once.

In addition to an incredible
amount of photos showing the development stages,
are plenty of succinct text and many quotes.
Certainly not a book of the dark side of power.
And what's been writing on the last page,
can be determined at any now .. think!

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