Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekend fun part 24; “Family Guy: It’s A Trap!”

Feel the farce as “Family guy” skewers Star Wars™
with its third uncensored satire on Blu-Ray and DVD December 21

Return to the Griffins’
version of that galaxy far, far away
as their freakin’ sweet saga continues with
“Family Guy: It’s A Trap!”
– arriving exclusively on Blu-ray and DVD December 21 from
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.
In the third installment of the hilarious Star Wars satire
– following 2005’s
“Family Guy: Blue Harvest”

and last year’s
“Family Guy: Something, Something, Something Dark Side“

– the Griffins reprise their intergalactic roles
in an outrageous retelling of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.

In this spectacular and offensively uproarious final chapter,
Luke Skywalker (Chris) and Princess Leia (Lois)
must travel to Tatooine to free Han Solo (Peter)
by infiltrating the wretched stronghold of Jabba the Hutt (Joe),
the galaxy’s most loathsome and dreadful gangster.
Once reunited, the Rebels team up with
a tribe of Ewoks to combat the Imperial forces
on the forest moon of Endor.
Meanwhile the Emperor (Carter Pewterschmidt)
and Darth Vader (Stewie) conspire to turn Luke to the dark side,
and young Skywalker is determined to rekindle
the spirit of the Jedi within his father.
The Galactic Civil War has never been more outrageous,
as the Rebel forces gather to attack
the seemingly defenseless and incomplete second Death Star
in the battle that will determine the fate of the galaxy.

Adding to the fun, “Family Guy: It’s A Trap!”
is loaded with hysterical cameo voice spots
– including Patrick Stewart and Michael Dorn
reprising their roles from
“Star Trek: The Next Generation,
” Adam West (“Batman”),
Carrie Fisher (Star Wars Trilogy)
and conservative talk radio juggernaut
Rush Limbaugh as the voice of the
large carnivorous reptomammal, the Rancor.

“The fan base for “Family Guy” and Star Wars,
both enthusiastic, have embraced the first two hilarious spoofs,”
said Mike Dunn, President, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.
“Bringing the distinctive storylines together
for the trilogy of parodies has been enormously
successful and lends itself to create unique home entertainment releases.”

As an added bonus,
“Family Guy: It’s A Trap!”
will also be available in Blu-ray and DVD
triple-packs featuring all the “Family Guy” Star Wars spoofs,
the perfect gift for the holiday season.

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Have a nice weekend ;)

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